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Splash Dance (new)

An invigorating, fun, and effective water aerobics workout! Karen's precise deck instructions will ease you through nine creative routines designed to show variations in direction, step selection, impact options, and rhythm. You'll make waves with fun moves inspired by great music from the 60's 70's and 80's, and 90's.

Senior Splash (new)

The Perfect combination of gentle, yet effective aerobic exercises, muscle toning & strengthening, and posture improving exercises make this the perfect workout for persons over 50 or for other special populations.

E.S.P Noodle Challenge (new)

The "E" is for endurance, the "S" is for Strength and the "P" is for Power. This fast moving interval/circuit workout includes great choreography for the endurance segments, muscle defining exercises in the strength segments, and forceful, energetic moves for the power sections.

The class format includes cycles of 3 minute moderate intensity cardiovascular routines, followed by 1 minute of strength training and then 40 seconds of high intensity powerful movements. A great workout with innovative, effective new ways to use the noodle.

Aqua Attack (Aqua Kick, Boxing) (new)

Learn the latest kicks, jabs undercuts and more effective self-defense moves redesigned to maximize water's built in resistance. Choreographed boxing and kick boxing moves are combined into effective, stamina building routines. Class also includes a slower, flexibility enhancing Tai Chi Cool Down.

Anchored Down Aqua

Experience the true power of water's resistance by maintaining contact with the bottom of the pool. Without the jumping, leaping, and high impact movements this workout will be virtually splash free. Anchored Down Aqua provides a unique and unbelievably effective new approach to aquatic fitness that will challenge the fittest as well as provide non-impact aerobics for the special populations.

Liquid Ingredients -
Recipes for Aqua Choreography

Liquid Ingredients will offer the instructor a enticing variety of base movements that work perfectly in water's unique environment. Understanding the art of combining movements with impact, rhythmical, and directional options will leave the instructor with a tasty menu of choreography creations.

The Noodle Workout

Karen will transform the most popular water toy ever invented to an effective piece of water exercise equipment. Learn how to use the noodle for stability, buoyacy, and added resistance. This workout will include cardiovascular and strength training exercises. Equipment needed: 1 full length noodle and 2 half-length noodles (if available) per participant.

101 Ways to Water Walk

Learn how to isolate and challenge individual muscle groups through full range of motion striding movements through the shallow water. Arm patterns and low impact leg movements are first learned and then combined to create a cardiovascular and muscle toning workout.

Wet Sets

Define, strengthen, and tone your muscles with effective, muscle specific exercises using webbed gloves and the Power 8TM. Learn how to maximize water's resistance and enhance every repetition utilizing the webbed gloves. Each set is repeated with the Power 8 to challenge each muscle with variable resistance and focus on the eccentric contraction.

And more - contact Karen for a complete list of workshops


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